“The ­benefits of the high compressed ready position”

There are reasons why we use the High Compressed Ready position compared to other ready positions.

These are benefits to the application of High Compressed Ready

For example;

  • We may be stronger in this position and have greater control of the gun.
  • It’s a position you can rest at if fatigued from the full extension position.
  • It’s congruent with presenting the handgun from the holster. We extend the gun through the ready position when presenting the gun to the extended shooting position.
  • We can protect the handgun in this position with our elbows by keeping the handgun closer to our body.
  • We can manipulate the handgun in close proximity to aide in loading, reloading, clearing stoppages or malfunctions within this position.
  • In an aftermath use of a handgun for Personal Defense, the High Compressed Ready position may look less confrontational or threatening to first responders or other firearm carriers in our environment.
  • When we move to a place of better advantage, we usually don’t move with our handgun at full extension unless you’re shooting in motion out of need. If you’re not shooting, we can be at a better advantage when moving with the handgun in HCR.
  • If there are others within our area that we don’t want to muzzle or direct our handgun towards, the SUL (meaning South in the Portuguese language) The Sul Position is characterized by the support hand palm held close to the torso approximately at solar plexus level, primary hand with handgun against the backside of the support hand and the muzzle pointed South in a HCR position.
  • As we assess our environment, we bring the handgun back toward the High Compressed Ready Position to stay in orientation of our handgun.
  • As we perform a Critical Incident Reload, we bring the gun back toward the High Compressed Ready Position to receive a freshly loaded magazine while following the contour of our body.
  • If the need may arise, we can shoot from the ready position if in an Extreme Close Quarter engagement.
  • We have the ability to be more efficient and ready to re-engage into a critical incident from this position if we NEED to.

These are just a few of the many benefits of the High Compressed Ready Position and “WHY” we teach it compared to other methods.

The steps to achieve High Compressed Ready are: