360 Degree Friction Grip

“The 360-degree friction grip”

In the context of defensive shooting a very important fundamental is how you grip the gun. In a defensive situation it is plausible to shoot with just one hand. Empirical data shows us that a two-handed grip can be used in many critical incidents.  We would want to use a two-handed supported shooting grip as it gives us the most amount of controllability.

In Defense, the goal is to shoot a multiple shot string of fire and control the gun as much as possible, so we can you shoot faster and achieve several defensive accurate hits more efficiently.

The goal of the grip is to have as much surface contact of our hands on the gun. The more contact that we have on the gun, the more friction there is when shooting the gun. The more friction we have the overall more control we have over recoil during that multiple shot string.

Understanding that people are all very different. We have different hand sizes and grip strength. We are also shooting different guns with different grip sizes and shapes. We can’t change the size of our adult hands, therefore the surface contact or “skin” that we can apply on the gun is important. Here are the steps of the 8 points of contact of the Two-handed 360-Degree friction grip.

“When acquiring a proper one hand grip these should be the first four placements of your strong hand for a more efficient one hand grip”.