Annette Chapman

Annette took her first firearm safety class when she was seven years old and had her first opportunity to compete on a state level later that year.  As a child, Annette enjoyed hunting with her dad. She is the Owner and Chief Instructor at Pistol Prep Academy located in central Illinois where she has a terrific team of well qualified Associate Instructors who work with her in offering an incredibly diverse list of coursework and event options.
Ms. Chapman has been with her husband and best friend, Harold, for over 26 years.  They are a military family in which Harold wears the boots as an active duty member of the Army National Guard.  Annette worked as a civilian contractor with the National Guard for seven years and now continues as a volunteer.
Annette has served her community over the years by also volunteering with many municipal and county organizations including but not limited to the City Council, Rescue Squad, Library Board, County Tourism Board, Chamber of Commerce, The American Legion Auxiliary, VFW Auxiliary, as well as the USO of Illinois, Operation Homefront, and Blue Star Families.
She is a National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action Frontlines Activist Leader and a Director on the Guns Save Life Board.  Additionally she has a strong background in Leadership & Management, Resiliency Training, and Suicide Intervention Training.
Annette’s Certifications Include:
I.C.E. Training Company Certified Defensive Firearms Coach
NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor
NRA Pistol Instructor
NRA Advanced Pistol Instructor
NRA Personal Protection In The Home Instructor
NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer
Illinois State Police Approved Concealed Carry Instructor
NAPSI Approved Advanced Defensive Pistol Instructor
NAPSI Approved Senior Instructor Trainer
Additional Training Summary:
Armed Missouri, Inc. (Chris and Nic Shoffner) – “Dynamic Defensive Pistol” (two-time graduate)
I.C.E. Training Company (Rob Pincus) – “Fundamentals of Combat Focus Shooting” (two-time graduate)
I.C.E. Training Company (Rob Pincus) – “Combat Focus Shooting” (two-time graduate)
Martial Arms Tactical (Steve Collins) – “Vehicle Gunfighter Skills”
Suarez International (Steve Collins) – “CRG2 – Close Range Gunfighting”
Roughneck Combatives (Josh Melton) – “Self Defense”
Springfield Karate – “Self Defense”
Nuding Tactical (Mike Nuding) – “Couples Carry”
American Heart Association – “Adult, Child, & Infant CPR, First Aid, and AED”
Death Card Training Group – “Healer Module”
Suarez International (Steve Collins) – “HITS8 – Defensive Knife” (two-time graduate)
Suarez International (Steve Collins) – “SGF1 – Shotgun Gunfighting” (two-time graduate)
Suarez International (Steve Collins) – “CRG4 – Force on Force Gunfighting Skills”
Suarez International (Steve Collins) – “RGF2 – Rifle Gunfighting II” (two-time graduate)
I.C.E. Training (Rob Pincus) – “Combat Focus Carbine”
Defense Training International (John Farnam) – “Armed Response To a Terrorist Attack”
Krav Maga Normal (Bill Martin) – “Self Defense”
Blackstone Shooting Sports (Skyler Thomas) – “Defensive Pistol Module 1”
Liberty Defense Company (Pat Golden) – “Dynamic Combat; Self Defense – Level 1”
U.S. Fugitive Enforcement Bureau – “20 Hour Bail Enforcement Training”
U.S. Fugitive Enforcement Bureau – “20 Hour Bail Enforcement Firearms Training”
U.S. Fugitive Enforcement Bureau – “Handcuffing – Extended Baton – Pepper Spray – Compliance Takedown”
Survive Today, LLC (Braxton Morrison) – “Red Control Medical”
Shivworks (Craig Douglas) – “Extreme Close Quarters Concepts”
No Soft Targets (Joshua Gideon) – “Place of Worship Risk Management”
I.C.E. Training (Barret Kendrick) – “Defensive Firearms Coach Instructor Development”
Professional Affiliations:
NRA Member
Guns Save Life Member
Illinois State Rifle Association Member
Gun Owners of America Life Member
National Shooting Sports Foundation Member
Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network Affiliated Instructor
National Association of Professional Shooting Instructors Founding Member
Second Amendment Foundation Gun Rights Policy Conference Participant