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Full Conceal


More Concealable

M3D Glock 19 or M3S Glock 43


When choosing a defensive handgun that gives you that

concealability and accessibility.

Full Conceal not only addresses the major issues in the

concealed carry market, but

further exceeds the current standards and expectations.


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  1. 100% Concealable

Traditional Pistols:  If you carry waist-band, any print above your belt (most would assume it is gun, because what else could it be?).  Even if you carry a sub-compact pistol, if you bend a certain way (reach up or down), you could expose your gun or a belt clip.  There is always a chance that you accidently give away that you are carrying.  Or if someone gives you a hug!  Guess what, they know you are carrying!
Ironically, people who carry sub-compact pistols do it because they feel it is easier to conceal, but because of the lack of ammo-capacity, they carry spare mags, which further increases the print above the waistline.
Full Conceal Pistols:  Since a Full Conceal pistol prints like a cellphone in your pocket, you have no signs that you are carrying a pistol.  Also, as you go about your daily routine, there is no reasonable chance that you will accidently expose the pistol.  We believe we have exceeded the industry expectations by offer a solution that allows you to 100% conceal a loaded Full-Sized pistol (basically a Glock 19 with 22-rounds of 9mm).  What other solution compares to this?

  1. Maximum Comfort

Traditional Pistols:  On waist-band carry, the pistols can dig into your stomach, gut, or spine (especially if you are overweight or sitting down in your car, restaurant, or movie theater).  Inside waist-band carry is not comfortable, because it interrupts the even pressure a belt is supposed to apply all around your waist (making it work).  That is why people adjust their belt throughout the day (sometimes unconsciously).  A remedy to this is to wear your belt tighter than usual, but that is also becomes more uncomfortable as soon as you need to sit down.
Full Conceal Pistols:  With a Full Conceal Pistol, when you sit, the weight of the gun sits on top of your thigh.  An analogy is like having a cell phone with an extend battery case on it.  Think about how many people carry huge cellphones every-day (bigger than our M3D pistol)?  How many people do you hear complaining about their cell-phones in their pocket?  Compared to the dis-comfort of inside waist-band carry, it’s a big difference.
Note:  Full Conceal Pistols are versatile, and you can still carry inside the waistband (‘folded’ or ‘unfolded’).  We give you more options on how you want to carry.  The industry has not pushed pocket carry, because it was not practical with a decent caliber pistol (usually .380 auto or smaller).  Until now.

  1. Safety (Reduce Accidental Discharge during Storage, Location Transfer, and Deployment)

Traditional Pistols:  There are many incidents in the news where people accidentally discharge their pistol (even firearm professionals).  Anytime a loaded pistol is outside of the holster, there is always a potential for an accidental discharge to happen.  (a pistol in a purse could shift out of the holster, transferring your gun from your body to your car holster, or even fumbling to get it out while witnessing a crime).
Full Conceal Pistols:  All our pistols have a revolutionary patent pending multi-stack safety system, which we believe might be the safest pistol on the market to carry with a loaded chamber.  We keep the original factory Glock drop safety and plunger safety.  We only improved the trigger safety (by replacing only the trigger shoe, everything from the trigger bar to the rest of the internals are factory Glock):
(First Safety Stack) It has a similar ‘Glock Trigger Safety’ (where we move that Glock trigger blade in the middle of the trigger to the side), so that when the pistol is ‘unfolded’, the trigger is the safety.   Just pull and it fires.
(Second Safety Stack) But once you start folding the pistol/trigger, the trigger is locked and requires 2 forces (perpendicular to each other) in 2 very specific points that your finger could not get to (which makes it highly improbably).
(Third Safety Stack) Then, once our pistol is fully folded, it locks the trigger bar in place (so even if the you were to remove the First and Second Stack safeties), it is still 100% mechanically safe.
(Fourth Safety Stack) Our design gives a large visual and physical safety.  When it is folded or even partially folded, you know it’s safe to pick-up. The analogy is like a folding tactical knife.  I can show you my folded knife, and in 1 second you know the blade is folded, it’s safe, and I can toss it to you and you’ll catch it.  I can put it in my pocket and not care if the blade is facing up, down, or sideways.  Same thing with our pistols.
Note:  This is a new way of thinking, because traditionally we have been taught, muzzle down, check the chamber when you pick up a gun…etc.  Now, it doesn’t matter anymore.  If it’s folded (or even halfway folded), it’s safe loaded or unloaded.
The importance and value of our safety system:  If you deploy our pistol in one of the many recommend methods (which are also the most natural and intuitive ways), the only time the gun can fire is when the barrel is facing your threat.  This means that accidentally shooting yourself in the leg is almost impossible.

  1. Firepower – Large Caliber (9mm) and Large Ammo Capacity (preventing reloads)

Traditional Pistols:  Using 9mm as a minimum caliber for defense, conceal carrying a full-sized pistol usually deploys around a max of 17+1 rounds, while a subcompact single stack can deploy around a low of 6+1 rounds.
Full Conceal Pistols:  All our pistols are 100% safe to be carried loaded and folded (without a holster).  Keeping within a typical cellphone footprint, our M3D pistol (“D” for Double Stack) deploys with 21+1 rounds, while our M3S pistol (“S” for single stack) deploys with 8+1 (but will soon be 10+1, once we get our hands on a new 10-round magazine coming out Dec. 2018).
Note:  Optionally with the M3D, you can carry a factory Glock 33-round magazine that will extend only 1.2 inches beyond the rectangle cellphone footprint, which makes it possible to still fully conceal in a bag, purse, and certain pockets.   Basically, if you can hide a 33-round magazine in your pocket, you can hide it with our M3D pistol.

  1. Convenient – All in One Solution. No other hardware needed.  The gun fits to your lifestyle, no need to adjust your lifestyle to fit the gun.

Traditional Pistols:  A typical inside the waistband setup would be the pistol, the holster, a spare mag, and spare mag holder (4 components).  You need to dress around your setup (wearing larger shirts, thicker belts, a light jacket…etc.) to try best to conceal it.  How many unused holsters are in your drawer?  Usually more than one, because you are still searching for the ‘more comfortable’ or ‘more convenient’ holster rig and willing to try another.
Full Conceal Pistols:  Full Conceal is an ‘All-in-One’ solution, due to the folding safety, no holster is required, and due to the extra magazine capacity, you can justify not needing a spare magazine, so you just have 1 component that replaces 4 components.  After dinner, if you want to take a stroll around your neighborhood block, just grab-and-go.  No need to fuss with putting on a holster or taking it off afterwards.
Note: But if you did need the firepower of let’s say a factory Glock 19 (standard 15 round mag) and a spare magazine (that gives you 15+15+1 rounds), you can carry our M3D pistol in the 33-round magazine (33+1 rounds) configuration folded in your pocket, which still gives you just one component, 3 extra rounds, and you don’t need to reload (which could end up saving your life).