Women’s Defense Network

“Personal Defense for Women and Men – By Women Instructors”


About Us

Women’s Defense Network (WDN) was created to fulfill the need for modern training taught to women and men by professional, vetted female defense instructors. We are a sisterhood of like-minded women who inspire and motivate each other with practical training and real-world discussions.

Be one of the first 500 Founding Members and
Win a Springfield Armory XD® Mod.2® 5″ Tactical Model


XD® Mod.2® 5″ Tactical Model Custom Engraved with the WDN Logo

Once we reach our first 500 founding members we will choose one lucky member to receive a Springfield Armory XD® Mod.2® 5″ Tactical Model custom engraved with our Womens Defense Network Logo. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add this beauty to your collection.

The XD® Mod.2® 5″ Tactical Model packs 16 rounds of 9MM ammo in each of its two included stainless steel magazines. While it’s a double stack design, it’s not too thick to carry like so many of our competitors’ models. Measuring just 1.2 inches wide, it is barely wider than single stack pistols with far lower capacity.

Professional, Vetted FEMALE Instructors

Each of our vetted female defense instructors teach the Science of Self Defense utilizing what works well with what the body may do naturally in a life-threatening encounter. WDN instructors have decades of experience training thousands of women and men. We are always seeking to evolve. Researching, studying and testing the most up to date data we help you develop and strengthen your unique physical abilities to apply defensive skills in a life-threatening encounter.

Why We’re

WDN is different because we offer our members a multifaceted program with rigorous training in all aspects of your personal self defense. Choosing which defensive tools are right for you. Training to use these tools effectively and integrate them into your lifestyle seamlessly. Preparing physically, mentally and emotionally to take charge of your life, and defend it should the need arise.

Win the Fight You are In

We understand the criminal mindset as well as the survival mindset – and this is the basis of our defensive strategies. We believe that self defense training should not begin and end with only carrying a firearm. We stress a holistic approach addressing all aspects of your physical, mental and emotional being. The Women’s Defense Network offers comprehensive training including: Defensive Firearms Skills, Hand-to-Hand Defense, Edged Weapon Skills, Physical Fitness and Product Information to help shape your defensive lifestyle.

We are the Women’s Defense Network and We’ve Got You